Freespeed in Bologna – with 3 teams!

for the first time ever, Freespeed attended an international tournament with three teams at once! a young squad from the ‚one‘, the competitive open team, the second open team Free2speed and the Freespeed Ladies all drove those 8 hours to Bologna to enjoy a last tournament on grass as well as two last warm and sunny days this year.

All teams had a great time and were able to work with many new players on the field. but bologna is typically a tournament where the off-field action makes an important part: barbecue next to the field, ‚Giro‘ (a funny game that requires a ball, which seems for many players to be a very surprising – not to say disturbing – object at a frisbee tournament), Warmup in the gym, Sambuca shots after the last game, a blast at a rather minimalisticly set up party and much more…

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